DIY Dog Training 

Here are a few things on DIY Dog Training.  There are a million books and youtube videos out there but there is nothing like some one on one interaction be it with a dog trainer or another person who knows what they are doing.  No one knows all the answers including dog trainers and we are dealing with a being who does not speak to us in a language we understand.


Talk to People with Well Behaved Dogs

One thing that many of us miss out on and that is talking to people with well behaved dogs.  You might walking down the street and there is a person next to you with a very well behaved dog, e.g. not pulling on the lead it sits at the intersection when the owner stops.

Ask those people how they trained their dogs most will be more than happy to talk to you about how they trained their dogs.

Your at the park and there is a dog owner with a dog that has solid recall it will come back no mater what, that person is worth talking to, go talk to them, ask them how they trained that behavior in their dogs.

The sheep dog people generally have dogs that have good solid behavior, e.g. the dog must come back, it must sit, and other commands, watch and talk to people at sheep dog trials.  Most of these handlers have good leader ship skills, bratty behavior of dogs is non existent.  They don't mess with their dogs too much, they work as a team.

Dogs, Work and Boredom,  

One of the biggest causes unwanted behavior is boredom and once established those unwanted behaviors can be very hard to eliminate.  

Why is the dog bored, its locked in a yard, or a house or in a crate for endless hours, with pent up energy.  That energy will often find a way out, digging huge holes, chasing and barking at birds, destroying your house, and anything around it or in it, barking night and day.

 A lot of our dogs were designed to work, herding, hunting, tracking, pulling things, going down dark holes, etc.etc Sometimes the simple answer is to work the dog, give it something to do, wear it out, a worn out tired dog is a good dog, it sleeps, it lies in the sun.

Dog Training Videos

Dog training books are good, I think videos are better.  

Better still there is nothing like having someone, (a dog trainer) in person for a bit of guidance and information.  

But if you are still wondering what is the best for you have a look at some the sites below for a variety of videos on dog training and behavior and different training techniques.








Want to become a dog trainer try the National Dog Trainers Federation  a good place to start.


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Not Quite Dog Training

There are some videos on this site while they are not really about dog training but more about the end result.

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