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A little about me.

I have had an association with dogs my whole life, they weren't always well trained.

Much of my experience has been with working sheep dogs and I still train sheep dogs.

 I have completed the Cert. III course in Dog Training and Behavior with the National Dog Trainers Foundation,  also completing  the Scent Training elective.


Puppy Training

How to train a puppy.

The earlier you start training the easier it is.  Start training training as soon as you get the new puppy home.

 Socialisation is extremely important for the young dog.  Getting him exposed to lots of things while he is young is critical for the development of a balanced dog.  Puppy classes are excellent for you and your puppy.

It only takes a few days of puppy training to see a difference in you dog.  It doesn't have to be hard just little bits here and there and you will see a world of difference.

Problem behavior can be addressed earlier.  

Get him exposed to as much as you can and you will end up with a well balanced dog.

What Technique of Dog Training do I Use

Broadly speaking I lean towards Balanced Training with a large dose of Positive Training.  Most dog trainers have their own special ways of dog training that work best for them that they have distilled over the years.

I will generally go the easy way first for example teaching a dog to sit, I like to capture and reward the behavior its quick and easy for you and the dog. There are other techniques available to the trainer.  

How to Train a Dog

Some  References

There are millions.  

Some of the more accessible:

Cesar Millan, books and videos.

Nicole Wilde, books.


If you want to start looking down the rabbit hole of dog obedience training have a look at:

EXCEL - ERATED LEARNING by Pamela J. Reid, very accessible gives you an in-site on how dogs learn and some of the different approaches for example classical conditioning and ope-rant behavior.

For those who want to go completely down the rabbit hole try Steven R. Lindsay, three volumes of unbelievable depth in dog obedience training and behavior.





Dog Training, Balls and Ball Thrower equals a happy dog