Dog Training

Dog Training or Puppy Training, One on One, with you and your dog.

We can sit together, work out a plan, (always good to have a plan) to achieve your goals with your dog.

I recommend a session of 1-1.5 hours.


Will your dog come back maybe, we can help.  I think we have all been through it you are somewhere your dog takes off may be there is another dog, people, cars!, etc. and your dog won't come back.  Screamed at your dog, nothing like it, got all hot and sweaty, falled over, got all dirty chasing your dog. Will it change over night no it takes time but we can help.

Will your dog sit.

Getting your dog to sit and a solid recall are two of the most important commands you can teach a dog, for his safety and your sanity, we can help.

Leash Pulling

Does your dog pull on the lead while out walking, we can help.

Fetch a ball

Playing ball with your dog is a fantastic way to exercise your dog it can also reinforces recall and you can also use a sit command.  We can help

So help with your dog training is just a click away, training a dog, well it takes more than a few clicks but we can help.

At the end of the day your dog will probably live for in excess of 10 years, if its going to give you hell for 10 years its not much fun.

Why have a dog if you can't have fun with it.

Dog Training Equipment

Dog Training Leads 7 meters long.  These are thick vinyl, they don't tangle easily, easy to clean, don't smell or rot.  

I use one of these as my primary training lead.  

Price $30.00 Postage in Australia $10.00 give me a ring if you want one.



Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs can be an issue especially when some one has made a compliant to the council about your dog.  

Generally when people ring me they want an answer pretty quickly and in these situations dog training or behavior modification may be not answer, who can say that they can stop your dog barking when you are not there to monitor the dog.  

If you are in this situation give me a ring for suitable options for you and your dog.


DIY Dog Training



Dog training equals dog control

No coffee required